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Tom Purvis

Tom is a veteran of over 3 decades of national and international presentations from Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Symposiums to conference keynotes with as many as 1500 in attendance in single sessions.

Unlike self-proclaimed social medial “experts” who have never undergone a “vetting” process via review of materials and presentations by certifying organization, conference admission committees, and university professors… not to mention live, face-to-face confrontation with tens of thousands of students and presentation attendees… over the years Tom has had the opportunity to have his concepts and presentations continually challenged. He has been required to repeatedly support his original content, rationales for decision making, as well as his applications of mechanical science, and especially his questioning of otherwise unquestioned age-old exercise belief systems via moderated roundtables, etc. with such experts such as William Kraemer, Steven Fleck, Edward Laskowski MD, Wayne Westcott, Gray Cook, et al. (see his complete CV at

Tom has been described by students as a “paragon”… “a person viewed as a model of excellence” for continuing client/patient sessions for over 40 years and continually living, exploring, evolving, and correcting the things he teaches. He is among the very few that across the decades have created and evolved a formal curriculum and organization of information that better enables the progression of learning, a concept unheard of in the age of social media being mistakenly viewed as “educational”. Furthermore, it is has become evident that a solid foundation in Exercise Mechanics (a division of biomechanics that Tom pioneered, and initially presented at the inaugural NASM course in 10.1989, and has continued to evolve over the past 35 years) better enables the student to filter and contextualize any and all information to which they are subjected via ones personal exercise experiences, the cesspool of self-proclaimed and entirely un-vetted social media “experts”, and even formal university programs.