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Technical, Billing, & Account Support

We appreciate your business and want to ensure that you’re receiving excellent service. Please read the notes below prior to submitting your issue or concern. Support is offered for website function and billing issues only. If the subject matter is within the parameters of technical (I.T.), account issues, and/or billing support, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Someone from Exercise Education, LLC will be assisting you directly, but in many cases may have to refer your issue to a third party who can provide specific expertise:

  • Technical support is provided by the website builders and they are not on 24 hour call.
  • Likewise, payment processing is provided by a third party and their response time, while typically short, is beyond our control.

If you are having issues viewing one or more videos…
In the past six months, we have been notified of only four instances of videos not playing and in each case, the issue was device or wifi router specific. Therefore, please confirm the following as these are the first questions that we will be asked by the website company:

  1. Can the videos be viewed on another device?
  2. Can the videos be viewed via a different internet source (via a different wifi router or via a phone using cellular data, i.e., not connected to the internet via the same wifi router)?
  3. Is there an error message or any evidence that the video is trying to play (appears to be attempting to load, etc.)?

    In the case of faulty or failed playback, we will need this information before we can proceed.

Refund Policy

NOTE: As stated in Terms and Conditions as well as Refunds and Cancellations, there are no refunds for video purchases. We cannot know if a video has been watched or duplicated (stolen). As a video can’t be “unwatched” or returned, refunds are not offered.

There are no refunds of ala carte purchases so that you can go back and purchase the entire level for the discounted volume price.

Questions related to the actual information presented cannot and will not be addressed through or by Exercise Education, LLC. The information presented is the intellectual property of the presenter or organization and can only be addressed by that party.

Questions regarding estimations of dates of availability of future content, updates, etc. can not and will not be answered. Content is available when it is completed which is subject to many, many factors, both internal and external to the process.

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