Read Me First

Welcome to the public launch of

As of April 6, 2020 we are finally live!

Please read the following carefully so that you will have greater insight into the current status of the site:

Two “Sides”

The Course Library

  • The primary purpose for the Course Library is detailed preparation for various levels of practical and advanced hands-on study/experiences!

"Everyone wants to have advanced conversations about exercise,
but regardless of certifications or degrees,
they don't have an advanced perspective of exercise,
an adequate understanding of mechanics,
nor know the language of mechanics."

  • The Course Library is organized like a college curriculum to enable sequential progression of formal study for those who prefer that format.
  • These courses are also available ala carte, allowing you to choose only the topic or topics of personal or professional interest regardless of their level.
  • While a variety of educators and organizations will be providing formal content, phase 1 of the Course Library is currently in the process of being populated with dramatically expanded and updated versions the lectures/classroom presentations formerly associated with various levels of the Resistance Training Specialist® program (RTS®)
  • Currently there is over 112 hours of content in the Course Library with an estimated 30 more to go.

Sample Video Clips

Automatic Updates

  • As with any scientific endeavor or educational experience, updates will and must occur.
  • Updates to specific courses may include corrections, additional information, or modification of the presentation to offer greater clarity.
  • When updates or addenda are added to a any course, they are automatically part of any course you have already purchased. Yes, that’s lifelong updates for no extra charge.

Volume Purchases

  • TAKE NOTE: If you purchase an entire level via “ADD ALL TO CART”, your purchase includes only the courses available within that level at the time of that purchase (as well as any content updates that may occur to those specific courses).
  • New courses added to a Level of the Course Library that you previously “volume purchased” are obviously not part of that original purchase, therefore must be purchased individually if you choose to own them.


  • Many topics will eventually have one or more downloadable PDFs associated, not unlike the chapter of a syllabus. These are considered of secondary importance to the exercise education learning process

Notification of Latest Uploads

  • Click on the NEW AND UPDATED COURSES navigation button to stay abreast of the latest additions to the Course Library, as well as updates to current courses.
  • Anything that has been uploaded (pdfs, new video, updated video, addenda, etc.) will be posted there in descending chronological order.

No Refunds

  • As stated in Terms and Conditions, there are no refunds for video purchases. We cannot know if a video has been watched or stolen.
  • Given that a video can't be "unwatched" or returned, refunds are not offered.

Subscription (Future plans)

  • This will offer a library of clips from practical presentations, exhaustive exercise analyses, exercise and client specific cuing considerations, business considerations, etc.
  • Content will include submissions by from select individuals and organizations.
  • Content can/may have a lower production value from formal presentations in the Course Library, e.g. room lighting will be the norm, no edits or animations, etc. However, unlike social media, microphones will be recommended.
  • A date for the Subscription launch is not projected at this point.