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New or Updated

The following is a log of newly added Essential Courses, Specialization Programs, Guest Lectures, or Subscription content, as well as courses that have had content updates or addendums.

IF a course or program you already own has an updated video, an addendum, or module, that additional content is will be available for you to view through your account under the respective course.

IMPORTANT NOTE:┬áIf you previously purchased an entire level via “ADD ALL TO CART,” your purchase included ONLY the courses/lessons that were available at that time. Any content added to a level (1000-5000) after a bundled level purchase will have to purchased individually.

Modified Date Publish Date Item Details
01/24/2024 Monthly Subscription Service
1/24/24 – 2 New Videos
10/1/23 – 18 new videos
9/1/23 – 20 new videos
8/1/2023 – 21 new videos
7/4/2023 – 20 new videos
7/1/2023 – 7 new videos
5/22/2023 New to
06/20/2023 USER NOTICE Concurrent users are now blocked. One login per account.
06/02/2023 Force & the Nervous System: Module 1 New Specialization Program