New & Updated Courses

The following is a log of both newly added courses as well as courses that have had content recently updated.

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If "Details" are indicated, then a course currently within the Course Library has an updated video or additional "part" added. In this case, if you already own that course, the update or additional content is now available for you to view through your account.

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Date Course Details
04/13/2020 3221 Muscle Mechanics 3 Added Part 7a: "Spurt & Shunt Assessment"
03/25/2020 3900 Delivery 1
03/05/2020 5501 Chain Mechanics updated pdf
02/21/2020 1010 Client-Defined: The Details
02/20/2020 1001 Rethinking Exercise: Evolving from a Participant to a Professional Update: Part 8a - What is AN Exercise?, Part 8b - "The BEST"; "THE Way", Part 8c - What it Works; What it Looks Like, Part 8d - An Exercise is....
02/18/2020 4690 “Balance”, “Balancing” & the “Balancers”
02/18/2020 5501 Chain Mechanics
12/29/2019 4330 LE ROM Considerations
12/28/2019 5401 Joint Forces Update: Joint Structure & Function - Anterior Translation?
12/28/2019 4320 Basic LE Muscle Mechanics Update: Soleus & Glute Max in Knee Extension? Update: Hamstrings & Knee Extension?
12/28/2019 4240 Spinal ROM Considerations
12/27/2019 4610 Squat Mechanics Update: Segmental Proportions Examples
12/16/2019 2404 Muscle Mechanics 1 Update: "Functional Muscle Function" Article Examined
12/16/2019 4430 UE ROM Considerations
11/28/2019 4630 Leg Extension Considerations
11/27/2019 4620 Leg Press Considerations
11/27/2019 4615 “Knee Over Toe”
11/27/2019 3210 Resistance Mechanics 2: Magnitude Update: Part 3b "Inertial Effects Up Close"
11/26/2019 4610 Squat Mechanics
11/23/2019 4420 Basic UE Muscle Mechanics Update: "Deltoid Differences"