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The mission of ExerciseProfessional.com... to offer unbiased, basic through advanced, exercise education specifically aimed at those implementing any form exercise for and to others. This includes not only the exploration and application of related sciences, but also the skills and responsibilities associated with the progression of exercise execution and delivery. Additionally, a primary component of our mission is the promotion and evolution of professional codes of practice specific to exercise implementation with the ultimate goal of raising what is currently the virtually nonexistent bar for all Exercise Professionals, regardless of his or her specific career or client/patient demographic, and ultimately focus on information as it applies to the INDIVIDUAL client or patient!

“Professionalization is a process by which any trade or occupation transforms itself into a true ‘profession of the highest integrity and competence.’ It is also likely to create ‘occupational closure’, closing the profession to entry from outsiders, amateurs and the unqualified.” – Wikipedia (paraphrased)

Vital to the practices of an exercise professional is the mantra “NOTHING SHOULD BE AUTOMATIC”! This demands the elimination of anything predetermined: numbers (ranges, set, reps, durations, loads, etc.), assessments, exercise "choreography", as well as predictions and expectations. This of course requires a dramatic shift in one's mindset and understandings of both exercise and the specific needs of the spectrum of individuals.

ExerciseProfessional.com is committed to real exercise education for the true Exercise Professional, from licensed rehabilitation professionals, to coaches and trainers. It's mission is to demand all information presented to those hoping to help others, regardless of forum or platform, to be stated in a context of both openness and appropriateness for various individuals and their spectrum of idiosyncrasies. Idiosyncrasies from anatomical specifics to motor learning abilities, from tolerances both local and systemic to currently available ranges of joint motion. It is committed to an evolution of the exercise professional from robotically generated protocols and numbers to custom-fit exercise decisions based upon one's fraction-of-a-rep to fraction-of-a-rep changes in status.

Social media has mistakenly become accepted as a source of valid exercise information... not only by the unsuspecting consumer, but unfortunately by those holding themselves out as having a level of exercise expertise adequate to become fully responsible and liable for the well-being of others. By definition, something that's free has no value. A surgeon doesn't learn surgical skills from YouTube! Neither can a TRUE Exercise Professional. Social media is somewhere between entertainment and a sad commentary on society... and the current state of the human mind. The lowest common denominator of human endeavor... the desire to be something and know something without actually being required or wanting to DO or know anything! It's filled with "hey, look at me!" posts that in NO WAY represent the exercise choices or varitions in execution that may be appropriate for a given client or patient on a given day. 

"Here's a great exercise..." and even worse, "the best exercise..." are not a statements ever made by someone who understands the broad spectrum of abilities, goals, and needs of potential clients and patients. There is objectively, there is no such thing as a "great exercise" for every individual or on any given day. It's the statement of an amateur representing an amateur level of understanding. More accurately a lay, consumer level of misconception. Likewise, the question "What's a good exercise for...?" This is evidence that one hasn't yet made the shift from an enthusiast's to a true professional's mindset.

Einstein is quoted as having said, "Premature responsibility breeds superficiality." This was never more true nor better exemplified than in the exercise industry. Many self-proclaimed experts sound quite intelligent. Often viewers say "wow, he/she is really smart". But a solid foundation in not only mechanical sciences, but also their APPLICATION clearly exposes the facade. The unsubstantiated sound bites, partially accurate generalizations do not represent science nor expertise. Science and fact especially as applied to the exercise, and equally the abilities and responses of an individual demand context in order to be accurate. They are at best scenario-specific. True experts never speak in generalizations; always in a relative degree of specifics.

Thievery of intellectual property is rampant on social media as well as in the live presentations of many unvetted presenters. Few have original work. Referencing is between rare and nonexistent. All too often presenters are themselves so new to the industry that they don't know that what they are attempting to say was created or first recognized by and evolved into clearly presentable and uniquely presented material due to the work of an individual many "presenter generations" before. Because one or each of the subsequent generations failed to ethically reference, the new kid on the block can be unaware. This is why vetting is so important. An "expert" must submit to confrontation by those of equal or greater expertise, intelligence, practical application and teaching experience and be required to justify rationales as well as offer the process by which supposed original work was created and evolved. Too many "experts" have done little to nothing, know little to nothing, and most importantly "seen" relatively no one (at best a small segment of the spectrum of individuals, and/ or treated each with same methodology). Followers are swayed by charisma and words, never realizing they are listening to partial truths, stolen concepts, and inaccurate presentations or misapplications of scientific principles.

ExerciseProfessional.com is owned and operated by Exercise Education, LLC, whose other recently acquired holdings include PersonalTraining.com, Exercise-Professional-Education.com, ExerciseProfessional.education, Exercise.school, ExerciseProfessional.school, and PersonalTraining.school.

ExerciseProfessional.com offers an ever expanding Course Library. Topics are amended, updated, and the actual presentation evolving to more clearly explain the information.

The Course Library is comprised of topics categorized and organized in a progressive manner that can be purchased ala carte in any order or as a progression of study. These presentations are somewhat formal in production value and presentation style (PowerPoint, animation, light board, etc.). Click here to view clips from a few courses on the ExerciseProfessionaldotcom YouTube channel.

While these presentations will eventually include multiple presenters who are considered well vetted in their areas of expertise, Exercise Education, LLC has initially partnered with Thomas C Purvis as the inaugural presenter for the launch. Tom is a veteran of over 3 decades of national and international presentations from Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine Symposiums to conference keynotes with 1500 attendees.

Unlike self-proclaimed social medial "experts" who have never undergone live, face to face confrontation, over the years Tom has had the opportunity to have his concepts and presentations continually challenged. He has been required to repeatedly support his original content, rationales for decision making, as well as his applications of mechanical science via moderated roundtables, etc. with such experts such as William Kraemer, Steven Fleck, Edward Laskowski MD, Wayne Westcott, Gray Cook, Mike Clark, et al. (see his complete CV at TomPurvis.com)

As a teacher in the truest sense of the word. He is among the very few that across the decades has created and evolved a formal curriculum and organization of information that better enables progression of learning. Furthermore, it is has become evident that a solid foundation in Exercise Mechanics (a division of biomechanics that Tom pioneered and has continued to evolve over the past 35 years) better enables the student to filter and contextualize any and all information to which they are subjected via social media and gym experiences, as well as formal university programs.

The Subscription side is being populated and will be comprised of everything from business topics, exercise analyses, specific exercise delivery, specific exercise execution considerations, research reviews, interviews with industry leaders past and present, and much much more. This side is far in the future as enough content must be ready to provide the value that the price will demand.

(more to come)


Advisory Board
Vincent Carvelli, BS - Founder and Director of Education, AAPTE
Charlie McMillin, MS - PhD candidate and double Masters degrees
Mark Slavin, DC - International Director of Education, RTS Global