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The Mission

“It’s what we learn after we know it all that counts!”

– John Wooden

The Mission is a video hosting platform dedicated to providing unparalleled education opportunities to all providers of exercise: coaches, trainers, therapists, etc. The mission is to promote truly professional standards of excellence throughout the exercise related professions with the focus and priority always being the individual client or patient.

The History began as which was originally owned by Tom Purvis. Just weeks before it was to launch in late 2019 it was purchased by Exercise Education, LLC and the name was changed to Their plan was to utilize Tom as the initial presenter and to add numerous other presenters during 2020. As with many plans and business entities during 2020-2021, the pandemic intervened. Progress came to a halt and as an entity Exercise Education LLC did not survive. In late 2021 Tom began negotiations with the last remaining owner what was Exercise Education LLC with the goal of reacquiring the site. After extended deliberation a deal was struck and in mid 2022 a relaunch was planned and work began on rebranding and revitalization of the platform with the intent of fulfilling the original goal of offering information of a variety of levels from a variety of experts in a variety of forms.